The Trump Cartoon Challenge




This is going to be a long three months until the election in November. Again, we non-US citizens are in the position that we have no say in one of the more important decisions of our lives. If you think we are not affected by what happens in the US, just think about the consequences of the policy blunder that was the Iraq war. To alleviate some of the frustrations I started The Trump Cartoon Challenge: one Trump cartoon every day until the election.

On warning: On my blog I try to be balanced, fair, fact based, and restrained. Here I will be none of those things. This is about Donald Trump. This person is unfit to be president of the US. To argue rationally about this seems to miss the point. He is not about facts and reason. So, on this page, I will put aside my book learning and be as mean and offensive as I can be.

I have moved the cartoons to a new place:

Back from below the belt: Number six


Number fiveunfair

Number four:


Number three:



And here is number two:



Let us start. The first one is still kind of tame:



The first cartoon on infiniteCuriosity. August 10th, 2016: